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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mudras for healing - Part 12 - Hakini mudra.

the hakini mudra -image is copyrighted.

The finger tips of one hand are pressed on the corresponding fingertips of the other hand.
The Hakini mudra is very simple but reaps immense rewards.The concentration power and the ability to focus   is enhanced in a person.It can be practiced at any time.Observing the breath while performing this mudra will be more beneficial.
This mudra is said to help in coordinating the right and the left brain hemispheres.
I was  wondering about why the mudra got its name and thought that there could be a connection with the Agya chakra .

(Chakras are energy centers of a body.There are 7 main chakras and the Agya chakra is represented between the brows.It is the centre of wisdom and clarity of thought.The energy of this chakra is called as the Hakini sakthi.The presiding deity of this brow chakra is Ardhanarishwara Shiva who is male on the right side and female on the left - representing that both the male and female principles are complementary ).


  1. Sir can you please explain Puhana Mudra and its benifits. And also learning mudra. I saw it in some web site and not fully understood it. It says that it is helpful to students.

    1. Hi ,I think you mean the pushana mudra.This is the link:
      This is the latest post in my blog.I don't have enough information about the learning mudra.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Madam, is there any mudhra to remove pigmentation on face nose.please let me know..6 months back i got pigmentation on nose and face during my pregnency.but it is not fading away after my delivery.

    please let me know if any mudhra which clears pigmentation completly

    1. I will post if I come across tips for pigmentation.


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