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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bramhi plant for increasing the memory power


  1.   Bramhi plant  churna   100 gm: The entire plant is washed well and dried and powdered.The churna is available in most ayurvedic stores.
  2. Almond powder  50 gm :Almonds are soaked overnight with skin and the skin is removed in the morning and the almonds are dried again and powdered.
  3. Pepper powder :  15 gm : peppercorns are powdered after roasting them .
The three ingredients are mixed in the ratio mentioned and mixed with a little water and made into a thick paste and rolled into small green pea sized tablets.These golis are dried in the sun.
1 tablet once or twice a day with Cow's milk.

This is a very good help for increasing memory power.fainting spells.It is also known to  help people suffering from anxiety,madness and epilepsy.

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