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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Terminalia arjuna tree - A boon for the Heart Patients in Ayurveda

Terminalia arjuna image source:biolib.cz .picture in the public domain

English name: Kumbuk tree
Hindi name:  Kaugach
Sanskrit name:  Gandivi , Arjuna
Tamil name: Marutu
Telugu name: Yerramaddi
Malayalam :Neer marutu

Popularly known as the Arjuna tree.

This tree is a giant growing up to 25 meters in height and  has a huge trunk . All the parts of the  Arjuna tree have many curative properties which are used in many different kinds of medicine systems like  Unani and Siddha.
The bark is especially used for different kinds of heart problems.This tree has also a good religious significance in India and the yellow flowers are used in worship.

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  1. Arjun Tea is a herbal, caffeine-free tea made from the bark of arjuna tree. The arjun tree was introduced into Ayurveda as a treatment for heart disease. It is traditionally prepared as a milk decoction. The Arjuna tree has many health benefits like anti-inflammatory properties, controls cholesterol, treats asthma etc. Read more about the arjun trees on the grow-trees.com website.

  2. Hi Madhavi, Arjuna is a heart tonic and specifically for supporting: healthy blood pressure and it is very good for health.

  3. Arjuna herbs is among the most frequently prescribed herbs for cardiovascular health in ayurvedic medicine.


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