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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Youvanprash " recipe

This is a recipe for elderly people or people who are suffering from symptoms of old age.This rejuvenates a person's health and makes them feel younger.
Ingredients needed:
10 gm of cardamom /elaichi/elakai
10gm bay leaves
10 gm of cloves/lavangalu/lavangam/laung
10 gm dry ginger/sont/chukku/sonti
10 gm long pepper/pipallu/pipli
20 gm dry dates/khajur/karjuram/perichampazham
20gm coriander seeds/dhaniya
20gm chironji seeds/charoli/saarapappu-small brown nuts with an almond flavour.
200gm Raisins
200 gm Mishri
These are the other few ingredients which are available in the Ayurvedic stores
10gmAthimadhuram(Glycyrrhiza glabra)
20gm Kantkari/Vakudukayalu/Solanum Xanthocarpum
20 gm Nelavemu/nilavempu/Kalmegh in Hindi
Powder all the above except raisins and mix.Now grind the powder with the raisins the mixture becomes a thick jam.Store it in a clean jar.
One teaspoon on an empty stomach and once at bedtime with warm milk and mishri.
-This is a recipe as told by Panditha Elchuri.
A word of caution:pregnant ladies should avoid eating this.

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