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Monday, June 21, 2010

Accumlated Ama-The main reason for most diseases

Improper digestion can leave behind partially digested food in the intestines.This is called ama.If this is not flushed out in time-it gets putrefied and sometimes also gets toxic.This becomes the root cause for many diseases.Technically speaking it is a word describing any substance which is in a state of incomplete transformation."Agni' is responsible for the transformation and low agni again cannot help in the elimination of ama resulting in diseases.Agni can be compared to the digestive enzymes in this case.
Ama is not only physical but also exists in emotional levels -like excessive anger,pent up negative emotions like jealosy,greed,hatred-all of them lead to accumulation of ama which in turn invite diseases.
A person wishing good health must be aware that good digestion and a calm mind is very vital.

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  1. thanks for this information, please keep posting such informative articles.


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