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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Basil seeds/ Sabja

Basil seeds - image released into the public domain by author Madhavi
Basil plant- image source - wiki - public domain image

Basil seeds soaked in water -image released into the public domain by author Madhavi.

  •  Sweet basil or the Ocimum basilicum is a very popular herb used in cooking. 
  • This plant is an insect and snake repellent.It also has many valid medicinal properties. 
  • The leaves release aromatic oils when crushed so, they were used as hand deodorizers.
  • The seeds swell up when soaked in water with a thin layer of mucilage around them.These are used in desserts and drinks.
  • In South India ,a spoonful of soaked seeds are mixed in a glass of water.Drinking this 'cools' the body during summers.

(to be used in moderate quantities)
Names in different regional languages : Rudrajada,Bhoo tulasi,Karpoora tulsi,Mishti tulasi,Sabza,Ram tulasi and Arjaka in Sanskrit.

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