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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mudras for healing - part 18 - The Lotus Mudra aka the Pankaj Mudra

The lotus flower is mystical and so we can assume that the mudra associated with it has a tremendous potential.
photo author -Madhavi Madhurakavi -please do not use without permission.

To practice this mudra the person is required to sit comfortably with the spine erect.The palms are brought together like in the Anjali mudra, in line with the chest area, near the  heart chakra ( Anahata chakra).
Unfurl the palms gently where the sides of the little fingers, the base of the palms and the thumbs are still touching each other.This resembles a flower.The thumbs are pointing towards the chest and the little fingers are outward.After 3-4 relaxed breaths the fingers close back again with all the finger tips touching each other.This resembles the lotus bud.After 3-4 breaths the fingers are unfurled again. This unfurling-closing as a set can be done for 10- 15 minutes.

Benefits of the mudra:
  • The little finger represents the water element and the thumb represents the fire element in the body.So generally this mudra is good for the purification of the body both mentally and for physical health.
  •         It relaxes and stabilizes the mind and especially useful for people who are weary with the world and tackles feelings of desperation and despair.
  •        It is useful for people suffering from ulcers,blood doshas and fevers.
  •     It makes a person look calmer and more beautiful.
  •    The person becomes more loving towards the world in general.

It is done only for a few minutes during winters.
People with cough and excess phlegm may need to resolve the problem before practicing this mudra.
Padmasana is most suitable for this mudra to experience the full benefits.

   (Pankaj mudra is also practiced as a still version where the fingers don't move and represent the open bloom like in image 4.I think the health benefits are the same for both the versions but the dynamic version has a synergistic effect when it is combined with meditation.)


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