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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A tip for mental illness - A combination of a Mudra and an Asana

This is a tip I read and practiced with good results.
It is a good combination of the Gyan mudra and Shavasana.
  The person should rest on his back in a relaxed position with the feet slightly apart like the savasana. The arms are also spread out and the tip of the index finger and thumb are brought together like the gyan mudra.
The tip of the tongue should slightly protrude out.
Practicing this mudra + asana has many beneficial effects.

  1. It improves the memory.
  2. It improves the concentration.
  3. It reduces irritability.
  4. It controls anger in a person.
  5. It curbs vague mental imaginations.
  6. It makes a person more active.
  7. It can cure many kinds of mental illnesses.
  8. It controls a fickle mind.
  9. It strengthens the neurons.
The link for the hindi audio and more info:

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