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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shatavari - a recipe and some benefits

Satavari / Satamuli  (Asparagus racemosus) is a very powerful and important herb in Ayurveda.It is a woody climber with soft pine needle like leaves and tuberous roots.
This recipe of the Shatavari kalpa is recommended by Dr.Elchuri.
100 gm of the root powder is mixed with approximately 250 ml of water and boiled well till 200 ml of the water remains.
This decoction is then filtered and 400 gm of sugar is dissolved in it and this mixture is heated again on a low flame.
The heat is turned off after the mixture turns thick and viscous.
10 gm of elaichi (cardamom)powder is added to it.
The mixture is constantly stirred .It gradually becomes granular.
The granules are stored in a dry glass jar.

Dosage:1-2 teaspoons along with milk , twice a day and 2 hours before meals for a month.


  1. It boosts the immunity in men and women.
  2. It is very beneficial for people who exert physically in their profession.
  3. It works well for people who need to beat stress.
  4. It has a protective action on the eyes so people who work constantly on the computers ,watchmakers, people who have to drive for long hours or for any profession which comes with eye strain will be hugely benefited.
  5. It is said to help men in their reproductive health.
  6. It generally alleviates all kinds of menstrual problems in ladies.
  7. It increases the milk production in lactating mothers.
People with high blood sugar may use palm jaggery in a lesser quantity in this recipe.

(Some possible side -effects:
This kalpa is tolerated well in most but some people may be allergic to it .
People suffering from kidney problems ,edema,heart problems may avoid using it.
It may increase the weight of a person.
Ladies may use it after recommendation from a Vaidya )

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