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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mudras for healing - Hansi Mudra or the Laughter mudra - part 14

Hansi Mudra - image is under copyright 

Practicing the hansi mudra  brings prosperity and joy in one's life.
The tips of the index finger,the ring finger and the middle finger gently  touch the tip of the thumb.The little finger stands alone.It is done with both the hands.
Benefits : It develops the wisdom of the person.
Duration: It can be practiced for 5 minutes a day and the duration can be gradually increased to 40 minutes a day.
Precautions: It is not recommended to chant mantras or slokas while practicing this mudra.
Sukhasana is best suited for this mudra though one can be seated in a relaxed position. However, it should not be attempted while walking.
       There is a general  hankering for happiness in everyone's life and this mudra brings in a feeling of completeness in a person.


  1. Thank you for sheering this information. I like this blog.
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  2. Is it same as Udana mudra. If it is not same, please explain it madam

    1. Yes ,It looks the same but some experts say that one hand must point downwards and the other towards the the sky.There is also another version of Hansi mudra where the index finger is straight out instead of the little finger.There are various versions .For Hansi mudras chantings are not recommended but some recommend chanting for Udana. You can follow one particular Guru and a few mudras suitable for you and can follow whatever feels right for you..


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