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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The national tree of India

(image in the public domain)
 A national symbol is supposed to evoke a feeling of familiarity, tinged with pride and love in every citizen. It must be able to represent what a country stands for and believes in. The Banyan tree - the national tree of India,does just that.
Ficus benghalensis also known as Bargad or bhar  in Hindi and Vat vruksha in Sanskrit represents longevity and immortality because its unique aerial roots reach the ground and quickly gain girth to look like the main trunk.
It is found in almost all parts of the country and witnesses many panchayat decisions and gossip sessions in the villages.It has huge medicinal properties and also holds a great religious significance. I'm not sure about the other trees which were close contenders, but the Banyan tree is an all time favorite.

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