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Monday, January 30, 2012

A simple help from Ayurveda for Malaria

Bitter gourd plant image source: biolib.cz, © Michael Kesl image in the public domain.

Momordica charantia or the Bitter gourd * plant leaves are very useful in alleviating the symptoms of Malaria.
3-4 leaves of the plant are washed - pounded with 3 peppercorns and given to the person suffering from fever and chills .The juice of the leaves is applied on the body.This will reduce the symptoms of the mosquito-borne Malaria and helps in healing the person faster.

* Bitter gourd - aka -  Karela in Hindi-Pavakkai in Tamil, Kakarakaya  in Telugu. .

The  link above gives another tip  which uses Bitter melon leaves.

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