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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tridax procumbens -An introduction

picture in the public domain from wiki.

Tridax procumbens is the Latin name the other names are

English : Coat buttons,Tridax Daisy,Wild daisy

Tamil :
Vettukaya thalai ,Thatha poo --The name vettukaya thalai is because of the bulbous and easily snappable flowers on long delicate stalks.

Telugu  :
 Gayapu aku ,Gaddi chamanthy or Palaka aku.

         Palaka means slate in Telugu---It was common for young children in rural areas to use the leaves to polish their sates to a shining black....hence the name.
Gayam means wound and this plant has fantastic wound healing properties so the plant I think has this name too ...

Hindi: Khal muriya ,Tal muriya,Ghamra
Sanskrit : Jayanti veda.

This plant is very common along roads in India and attracts a lot of low flying butterflies.This is generally a weed found in tropical and semi tropical climates.

This plant has proven anti bacterial,anti inflammatory properties and it also prevents and helps reduce  high blood sugar levels.
As mentioned earlier the leaf juice has wonderful wound healing properties.

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