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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ayurveda for voice strain...


      My prayers to all  Baba devotees -May they find the strength to overcome their loss with the wisdom he gave them through his teachings.

Teachers,singers and some people who have to talk constantly strain their throats so much that they develop serious voice problems.Pandita Elchuri has recommended this goli which can be made at home.

Ingredients needed:
  • Shade dry tender reddish Mango leaves and powder and sieve   -50 gm of this powder

  • Athimadhuram powder * --of the root-available in stores -50 gm

  • Amla powder-powder of the dried fruit -very easily available in stores or can be dried at home depending on the availability of the gooseberry fruit -50 gm

  • Whole brown Chana dal powder -50 gm 
these are called Senagalu in Telugu and Kadalai in Tamil.

  • small Elaichi  powder-Cardamom-50 gm

  • Mishri -50 gm

Pound all the powders again with the juice of purple grapes .Make pea sized golis from this mixture and dry them.Store in a clean dry glass jar.

1 goli can be kept under the tongue and the flavour may be absorbed slowly.People with severe problems may take upto 2 tablets a day.This strengthens the throat and prevents frequent infections and also soothes the throat from voice strain and improves the quality of the voice.

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