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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Medicinal properties of the Touch me not plant/Mimosa pudica-part 1

Mimosa pudica is also known as chuimui or lajwanti in hindi because of its unique property to droop or collapse when touched and opens up a few minutes later.

This plant has many medicinal properties and its anti-cough property is one of them.
When a small piece of root is tied to a chain around the neck-the cough reduces remarkably.This is especially useful for children.
Adults can wash the root well and suck on it for relief from cough and throat troubles.
The paste of the leaves can be applied over the swollen tonsils area and goitre area for immense relief.
When the root is boiled with water and the concoction is taken with tulasi juice and honey it is very soothing for the throat.

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