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Monday, April 19, 2010

Medical properties of Albizia lebbek or Siris tree

photo souce:wikimedia commons,attribution:Forest and kim starr
Siris tree or lebbek tree has many curative properties if taken in limited amounts.
It is used for treating snake bites,scorpion bites and stings.The leaves are made into a paste with water and applied on the wound.
It is also used for eye related ailments.
When the kashayam (concentrated tea) of the bark of this tree is taken internally it is known to cure Ascites.
The powder of the dry leaves is mixed with pure cows ghee/sesame seed oil and applied on the psoriasis and eczema patches for a significant improvement in the texture of the skin.

When 5-6 tender leaves are boiled in water and when this infusion is taken it is said to eliminate infection or pus cells in urine.
In general this tree is used for figting venom and infections.However it must be taken in small amounts.
--As told by Baba Ramdevji.

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