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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aswagandha or Withinia somnifera leaves for reducing weight

photo source:wikipedia

Aswagandha/winter cherry has innumerable medical properties and also called the Indian ginseng.
It has been observed that the leaves help reduce weight.Eat one clean leaf three times a day and drink warm water .Do this for 3 days.You will need 9 leaves altogether for one course.
Repeat this course after 15 days.There is a definite improvement seen in the reduction of weight.During this course avoiding junk food and practicing pranayama will ensure better results.
--Info from Babab Ramdev's Asram.


  1. But Where can i get Ahwagandha's leaf?

  2. Aswagandha leaf is a tad difficult to get in Ayurvedic stores..You may have to grow this plant...

  3. madem i wanted to grow aswaganda plant where i can get the seeds

  4. sir i requested , that please tell me how to get the seeds of aswagandha

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Can anyone tell me where ashwaganda plant / leaf's available?

  7. you can get aswagandha plant at NURSERY LIVE,COM online


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