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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A two in one tip for the strengthening of heart and improving the overall health of children

Munakkas are large and brownish raisins which generally have seeds. They have many medicinal properties.
5-10 munakkas are washed well and are boiled along with 100 ml milk.The milk has to rise thrice for the desired effect.
The milk is cooled till it is lukewarm.The soft munakkas are spooned out of the milk . They are mashed and de-seeded.
Adding a little mishri powder to the milk is optional. The pulp is eaten and it is followed by drinking up the milk.

The dosage for children above 3 years is 5 munakkas but adults can use up to 12.
It can be done for 20 days.
This strengthens the heart, relieves constipation, increases the strength of the liver and can also balance the cholesterol levels. It improves the overall health of sickly and thin children.


  1. Good and informative post.Thank you so much for share such a wonderful post.

  2. thanks for sharing this information. You could also use TAHITIAN NONI JUICE so as to maintain heart health. It can also help you in teeth , bone and skin related problems.


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