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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A brain power mix.

Brain power mix

Mix the powders of 

  1. 60 g of Poppy seeds 
  2. 60 gm of dry dates-without the seeds
  3. 60 gm almonds--they are soaked and the skin is removed and dried and then powdered.
  4. 60 gm of the Cardamom seeds.
and5.  100 gm of Rock candy sugar.

Store in a clean dry jar.Half a spoon is mixed along with a little Cow's ghee or butter and given once a day.
This strengthens  the brain.This is especially useful for children who are suffering from ear problems.

1 --Poppy-Gasagasalu, Khus khus.
2 --Endu Kajjooram , Chuhare in Hindi.
3 --Almonds - Badam
4 --Cardamom -- Elaichi , Elakalu ,
5 -- Rock candy sugar -kalkandu in Tamil , Patika bellam in Telugu, Mishri in Hindi.

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