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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apples for weight loss, anemia , fevers and de-addiction

red apples on tree image source: public-domain-image.com

Apples are rich in iron and so apple juice intake is beneficial for people suffering from anemia.

Eating an apple a day helps people who are on a diet to reduce weight.

Eating apples also reduces the craving for alcohol.Though it is not a full fledged cure for alcohol addiction  it definitely helps a determined few who want to kick the habit. *

Apple leaves (4-5) are boiled  in water and this decoction helps in reducing fevers.   (Somehow this tip is not so simple as apple trees are not too common in the areas I live - For me the apple tree is  a vision and it always gladdens my heart to see this big tree with green foliage laden with red delicious fruit )

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* for another  simple tip for deaddiction u may refer :


  1. Apples contain pectin and pectin reduces appetite by making you eat less. You fill your stomach and leave with a feeling of satisfaction. It allows you to feel full for up to four hours. They are also rich in vitamin A and contains vitamin C, iron.

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