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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some tips for Asthma - 2

image source:publicdomainpictures.net : figs.

2 dried figs are soaked for 24 hrs .The figs are boiled with the water till soft.These figs must be eaten very slowly on an empty stomach . After chewing well on them - one must also drink up the water .

Before this one must practice this Pranayama  ---  Sit comfortably where there is a lot of early morning sunshine and breathe in and out  with the eyes closed.It is important to visualise that you are  breathing in and inhaling the Suns healing energy and breathing out the symptoms related to asthma.This conscious breathing in and out should be done for at least  15 times.Reciting  a known mantra is more beneficial.The inhalation should be faster than the exhalation. This is a healing type of pranayama which works well for many diseases.

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