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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A good tip for Hydrocele

       Take equal quantities of
    *   Fruit (dry) powder of  Terminalia chebula -also known as Haritaki in Sanskrit and Karakkaya in Telugu,Kadukkai in Tamil -common name black Myrobylan.

This is a very common herbal powder available in all Ayurvedic stores.

*   Powder of roasted  Long pepper


*   Powdered rock salt

Mix the powders well.Make pea sized golis with very little water. Dry and store.

The  goli should be taken half an hour before food. 3 golis a day is the recommended dosage. This should be done for 45 days for the hydrocele to correct itself.


  1. I was looking this kind of post from long.. Thanks for sharing..God bless!!
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  2. Hi Madhavi

    May I know if this medicine is available with you?

  3. The most wonderful Homeopathic remedies for Hydrocele Natural Treatment where the situation is present from birth are Abrotanum, Pulsatilla and Rhododendron. All three are very useful and capable to recovering congenital hydrocele. These remedies are of natural origin and totally safe for use between youngsters.


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