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Monday, May 3, 2010

The lesser known Nagdhon...

Nagdhon or nagdhamana is not a very popular plant in ayurvedha but it has been found that it has many beneficial health properties.It is dark green - succulent and the leaves are waxy and the stem oozes out a milky fluid.It is a common garden plant.The latin name was not mentioned.
When 2 small leaves of nagdhon are eaten with 2 peppercorns on an empty stomach for 3-4 days it cures bleeding piles and over bleeding in women.It is also very effective in treating ulcerative colitis and reducing ulcer pain. 1 big glass of water also must be taken after chewing the leaves and peppercorns.
-info from Baba Ramdev's Ashram.

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  1. I have also got to know that this is also useful in snakebite


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