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Saturday, June 2, 2012

An extremely simple tip for prostrate care in men

Prostrate problems are common in men above 50 .This is a simple aid with date fruits for this irritating problem.
Dates are very common fruits - AKA - Khajoor in Hindi,Karjooram in Telugu and Pericham pazham in Tamil.

3-4 dates are soaked overnight in little water and the dates are chewed well and eaten in the mornings.The symptoms are greatly reduced.This is done in summers.
In winters the dates are boiled in milk and eaten.

This also helps people who have mild constipation and increases the hemoglobin in the blood.This also strengthens the kidneys.

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  1. sir naku 1 year nundi jalubu,,thummulu.,challani gali thagilinapudu ventane thummulu vachi jalubu vasthundi..deeniki permanent solution cheppagalaru


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